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As a Nevada Licensed General Contractor, Impact Sand and Gravel has been the leading aggregate supplier for over 10 years in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Impact Sand and Gravel successfully produces and supplies millions of tons of aggregate and sands to all construction trades.


Our four state-of-art industrial crushing plants are operated by our sister company, CTC Crushing and Clark County Mining. CTC crushing is staffed with highly trained Technical personnel, heavy machinery Equipment Operators, Welders, Electricians and Mechanics. Impact Sand and Gravel employs experienced Engineers, Superintendents, Production Managers, Operations Managers, IT Professionals, Truck Drivers and professional Administrative Staff.


The association started as a three-person gravel marketing company in 1996 as Cactus Sand and Gravel.  We began with a dream of building an organization of which we could be proud.  We wanted to have an organization whose primary focus was not money, market share, or being the biggest. Our dream was to be able to look back at the end of our lives and know that we made a meaningful lasting difference in the lives of many people.  The IMPACT Mission was born from this dream. In 1999, Cactus Sand and Gravel changed its name to IMPACT Sand and Gravel.


Since its formation in 1999, Impact Sand and Gravel has accumulated extensive experience self-performing and subcontracting work to civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental firms, electrical and mechanical contractors, grading and paving companies, mine blasting crews, demolition companies, equipment maintenance, landscape and grounds maintenance contractors, trucking companies, etc.  Under the strict supervision of our Quality Control Department and experienced Project Managers, all work has consistently been completed on schedule, safely, and in full compliance with all federal, state, and county ordinances and regulations. Our goal is to positively IMPACT your Agency and all companies working on a project by providing Logistics and Project Management support.


Impact Sand & Gravel has led the market in organic recycling, compost and amended soil blends sales. We offer the only locally produced compost in southern Nevada, produced by our partner Terra Firma Organics.


We are participating in Federal Contracting Opportunities and are actively pursuing new markets in our core competencies.



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