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Do you want to water less?

Organic matter in the soil is an important element for a number of reasons, including retention of water. A poor or sparse vegetation cover, weeds, and the constant need for water are signs that the soil is low in organic matter. Compost, which is high in organic matter, is easily added to the soil and is an excellent storage system for water. Once the water is stored, it is slowly released back into the soil for sustained plant growth. The result is healthier plants that need water less frequently.


How effective is compost at holding water?

It is very effective and economical method of holding water to the root zone, where it is most needed. Adding compost to soil dramatically increases its ability to hold water. Bottom line: how much water you need is directly related to the amount of organic matter present in the soil. Compost is 100% natural organic material. It saves money and conserves water. It helps make your lawn, flowers, trees, shrubs and garden all look great for less. It’s a desert out there, be water smart.

One of the key ingredients to keeping our ecosystem in balance & healthy, is organic matter. The simplest and easiest way of adding organic matter is to use compost!


Compost Advantage

Better water & nutrient retention

Superior plant performance

Enhance turf Response

Reduce run-off & surface erosion

Higher crop yields

Improve aeration, porosity, and drainage

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